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 B.Barker Damp Control & Timber Preservation

One of the most common causes of dampness in buildings is condensation which can often lead to the appearance of mould growth. It is the presence of water condensed on walls, ceilings and other cold surfaces which support mould growth.

The problem of condensation, particularly in dwelling houses, is very much a problem of today and results from a lack of ventilation .


Evidence from the Building Research Establishment shows that air change is required throughout the
property every 45 to 90 minutes to remove the damp air from the property and reduce the possibility of condensation arising.
Adequate heating, adequate insulation and adequate ventilation will control the production of condensation.

Improved heating and insulation will help to increase surface temperatures, although this generally does not treat the actual cause of the problem and can be very costly.
Simple changes which can be made to reduce the levels of moisture in the air, thus reducing the risk of condensation include:

Closing bathroom and kitchen doors when bathing and cooking and opening a window in these rooms.

Drying washing outdoors whenever possible or using a tumble dryer which is either a condenser type or is vented to the outside. If drying clothes in the bathroom, leave the door closed and the window open. (or extractor fan on, if there is no window). If drying laundry on radiators, do it during the day with the windows open.
Do not place furniture or other household objects against walls (especially outside walls) - leave a gap. Do not overfill cupboards and wardrobes. Built-in cupboards on outside walls can often be a problem - breather holes in the doors, and ventilation slots at the back of each shelf can help.

Using a dehumidifier will help to control the symptoms of the problem. However, this only treats the symptoms and not the cause; they can be noisy and costly to run.
B.Barker Damp Control & Timber Preservation can provide solutions to the problem of condensation control by:

• The insulation of solid outside walls using a dry lining system.
• The installation of specialised Passyfier ® Dehumidifier Vents.
• The treatment of surfaces infected with mould & mildew by a specialised fungicidal spray / wash.


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